Transtint Black Dye

Transtint Black Dye

Transtint Black Dye

Our Transtint BD-6023 jet-black dye is the best we've found for staining ebony sharps.

Many older ebony sharps were painted black to cover up blemishes and color streaks in the wood.

Our procedure restores the ebony to nearly flawless condition (providing the original ebony front facets are not heavily worn).

After stripping the ebony, hand-sand up to 220 or 320 grit.

Any streaking and blemishes will become apparent.

Mix Transtint with denatured alcohol (2:1) and apply as many coats of the Transtint as necessary (usually 2 or 3 will be sufficient).

Because of the alcohol, the dye will dry within a few seconds, allowing you to sand very lightly between coats.

Ebony is extremely dense and over-sanding will undo your work.

Once you have your desired look, polish the ebony using our #B-34 black silicone-based rouge.

This seals in the dye and makes the ebony look brand new.

Transtint is also perfect for the "key-black" underneath the ebony.

For this use, mix with denatured alcohol and clear shellac.

You need the denatured alcohol to cut the shellac which provides the sealant for the dye.

Ratios are up to you.

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