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Touch-Up & Refinishing

Touch-Up & Refinishing

Please note: Liquid finishing products are only available in the USA. They cannot be shipped to other countries.


AcryliKey II - Ivory Repair Kit

AcryliKey II is the only product of its kind for repairing chipped ivory and plastic.

Our price: $139.90
AcryliKey II - Refills

Refills for ivory repair kit.

Our price: $70.00

Behkol Solvent
SKU: B650-2816
Use to cut dry shellac, French polishes, manufactured spirits, stains, & varnishes. Quart.

Our price: $19.40
Behlen Blush Eraser
SKU: B101-0871

Humid, damp, or cold climates can cause a finish to turn white (“blush”).

This product reflows lacquer & allows trapped moisture to escape without changing existing color or sheen.

13 oz. aerosol.

Our price: $15.00
Behlen Burn-In Balm
SKU: B700-1203

Essential heat-resistant paste used to prevent damage to the surrounding finish while performing a burn-in repair.

Also prevents unwanted spread of excess burn-in stick.

4 oz.

Our price: $29.60
Behlen Filler
SKU: B744-0416

Solvent-based, paste wood filler used for filling open grained wood.

Minimal shrinkage, excellent staining properties.

May be top-coated with lacquer, shellac, varnish.

Provides a glass-like surface for subsequent finishing coats.

Quart can.

Our price: $53.00

Behlen Finish-Rub
SKU: B730-01165

Extremely fine paste rubbing agent to restore dull, worn or scratched finishes.

Use a cloth or steel wool for buffing out surface scratches.

Highly recommended for creating or restoring satin sheen finish. Pint.

Our price: $26.00
Behlen French Lac
SKU: B611-0065

A light amber French padding finish, suitable for use on the lightest of finishes.

A ready to use formula which has been in use for years by touch-up professionals for spot repairs or full finishes.


Our price: $34.70
Behlen Pumice Stone 2F
SKU: B720-1402

An abrasive for rubbing down wood finishes.

Add water or paraffin oil as lubricant for final finish rubbing.

1 lb. container.

Our price: $13.00
Behlen Qualarenu
SKU: B611-00055


Popular, modern method of renovating an old, cracked, or alligatored lacquer finish.

Brush, spray, or pad onto the old finish.

Eliminates need for restaining and refilling with paste wood fillers.

Ready to use. Not for use on polyester or polyurethane finishes. Easy to use.

Our price: $39.90