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Touch-Up & Refinishing

Touch-Up & Refinishing

Please note: Liquid finishing products are only available in the USA. They cannot be shipped to other countries.


AcryliKey II - Ivory Repair Kit

AcryliKey II is the only product of its kind for repairing chipped ivory and plastic.

Our price: $139.90
AcryliKey II - Refills

Refills for ivory repair kit.

Our price: $70.00

Behkol Solvent
SKU: B650-2816
Use to cut dry shellac, French polishes, manufactured spirits, stains, & varnishes. Quart.

Our price: $19.40
Behlen Blush Eraser
SKU: B101-0871

Humid, damp, or cold climates can cause a finish to turn white (“blush”).

This product reflows lacquer & allows trapped moisture to escape without changing existing color or sheen.

13 oz. aerosol.

Our price: $15.00
Behlen Burn-In Balm
SKU: B700-1203

Essential heat-resistant paste used to prevent damage to the surrounding finish while performing a burn-in repair.

Also prevents unwanted spread of excess burn-in stick.

4 oz.

Our price: $29.60
Behlen Filler
SKU: B744-0416

Solvent-based, paste wood filler used for filling open grained wood.

Minimal shrinkage, excellent staining properties.

May be top-coated with lacquer, shellac, varnish.

Provides a glass-like surface for subsequent finishing coats.

Quart can.

Our price: $53.00

Behlen Finish-Rub
SKU: B730-01165

Extremely fine paste rubbing agent to restore dull, worn or scratched finishes.

Use a cloth or steel wool for buffing out surface scratches.

Highly recommended for creating or restoring satin sheen finish. Pint.

Our price: $26.00
Behlen Pumice Stone 2F
SKU: B720-1402

An abrasive for rubbing down wood finishes.

Add water or paraffin oil as lubricant for final finish rubbing.

1 lb. container.

Our price: $13.00
Behlen Rottenstone
SKU: B720-15006

One of the finest substances used in wood finishing.

Primarily used to polish a lacquered or varnished surface after a coarse rubbing with Pumice Stone.

1 lb.

Our price: $12.70
Behlen Rubbing Compound
SKU: B730-01115

For the final rubbing.

Behlen’s semi-paste, extra-fine abrasive compound for rubbing down final coat of lacquer, shellac, or varnish.

Removes minor surface imperfections and overspray. Pint.

Our price: $26.00