High quality Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke for increased control and accuracy.

Blades are replaceable at the push of a button.


Japanese Beading Saw

Excellent for bridge work, trimming shanks, etc.

Lightweight, easy to use. Cuts on pull stroke for greater manageability. Very fine cut.

Permanent blade made from high quality saw steel. Traditional softwood handle. Overall length 12”.

Our price: $67.90
Offset Dovetail Saw
SKU: SK-312

Fine cutting saw of highest quality Swedish steel & construction.

Features extra-fine 16-point fleam toothing on reversible blade.

Offset handle allows flushcut with either hand when access is restricted.

Orange lacquered wood handle. 10” blade.

Our price: $55.00
Shark Double-Edge Saw
SKU: JBS-2450

Traditional Ryoba-style Japanese saw with double cutting edge.

Designed to allow very close cuts by flexing blade.

23-3⁄4” overall length, with 8-1⁄2” blade. 24 point & 9 point cutting edges, with .030” kerf.

Our price: $70.00

Shark Dowel Saw
SKU: JBS-2204

A fine-toothed, flexible saw designed for trimming dowels, like hammer shanks.

Soft grip handle features single button control for replacing blade.

An essential shop tool. 12-1⁄2” in length, with 6-1⁄2” blade. 26 point blade with .021” kerf.

Our price: $33.00

Shark Fine Cut Saw
SKU: JBS-2410

A 16” saw with 10-5⁄8” blade. Make very fine cuts with .014” kerf.

Angled soft grip handle for easy, comfortable control. 17 point blade.

The best for hammer shanks.

Our price: $59.90

Shark Fine Cut Saw
SKU: JBS-2420

Same as above saw, but with thicker blade and larger (15 point) teeth for heavier cutting action.

Shorter spine for longer cuts. 16” overall, with 10-5⁄8” blade. .028” kerf.

Our price: $55.90

Shark General Purpose Saw
SKU: JBS-2315

For cutting larger stock with ease.

Angled soft grip handle provides comfortable, easy control.

A great general purpose saw. 22” in length, with 15” blade. 10 point with .050” kerf.

Our price: $65.90