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McLube 1708L, 8 oz. liquid

McLube 1708L, 8 oz. liquid

McLube 1708L, 8 oz. liquid

For many generations, piano technicians have used graphite products as a method to eliminate friction between moving parts in the action. Graphite products have also been used in widespread applications for bridge caps. While these products do have a function of reducing friction, they, at the same time, have limited adherence, are dirty and messy, and leave unintended particles on uninvolved action parts. Any technician who has seen "over zealous" applications of graphite to knuckles, balance rail bushings, or bridges for example, can attest to the above comments.

McLube to the rescue! Our McLube 1708L dark charcoal gray liquid, like our McLube 444L clear liquid, is a mold release compound. These compounds are used in parts manufacturing to insure that parts are released from the mold exactly as intended. In other words, this product provides a long-lasting slippery coating that does not rub off, making it a far superior product to graphite and very valuable for piano actions.

McLube 1708L is the perfect choice for the jack tender, jack top and repetition lever sides, and really excels on new bridge caps.

Here are some tips in working with McLube 1708L:

As an example, we will consider coating a new bridge cap. Don't work the 1708L right out of the can. It will be very thin and if you try to apply it in this state you may think that you will need 40 coats to finish the job! Here is what to do. First, shake the product well. Then, pour off as much as you think you will need to coat the bridge cap into a small jar. Let it stand for around 15 minutes or so. This allows the solids to fall to the bottom. You can accelerate the process by turning on a swing-arm bench lamp or other mild heat source and positioning it above the jar. Once the solids have accumulated at the bottom, you will have slightly thick "gooey" mass that will be ready for application. The liquid at the top will be thin but don't stir it up or you will be right back to where you started! Pour off the thinner liquid or just tilt the jar to expose the thicker material.

Invest in a high end artist brush for application. 3/4" width is a good size for bridges. Artist brushes are expensive but will last a lifetime if taken care of. If you have the McLube at the right consistency, you should be able to coat with one or two passes. McLube dries quickly and can be cured within seconds with a short burst of compressed air. Burnish with a soft cloth for a full and vibrant sheen. Use denatured alcohol for brush clean up.

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