Bridge Drills
SKU: 149

High speed steel. Fast spiral, wide flute. Overall lengths range from 2” to 2-3⁄4”.

Our price: $3.80

Cobalt Pinblock Drills

Size F (.257”) only for new Bolduc Pinblocks. 2” precision cutting edge for longevity and increased stability.

Our price: $90.00

SKU: 335-1030

1/2” countersink for power tool.

Our price: $19.90
Drill Gauges
SKU: DG-12
To quickly identify drill bit sizes.
Permanently etched markings.

Our price: $29.00

Drill Stop Collar Set
SKU: DS-838

Positive depth control assures exact hole depth. Black oxide finish on cold rolled steel. Set includes hex wrench and 1 each: 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, and 1/2” diameter collars.

Our price: $15.90
Forstner Drill Bits
SKU: 570-3005

Makes smooth flat-bottomed hole. The correct drill for installing key leads. Manufactured from top quality high-carbon steel.

Our price: $33.00

SKU: 520-3050

For drilling a hole without electricity.

Our price: $6.00

Hammer Drills
SKU: HBD-1875

Professional HSS spiral drills for hammer boring. Custom short length ensures accuracy, eliminating the need for pre-centering or brad points. Lengths from 2-1⁄4” to 2-1⁄2”.

Our price: $5.50

Hand Countersink
SKU: 570-6100

Precision-machined countersink with 7 flutes. Great for deburring drilled holes, countersinking screws, etc. Wooden handle. Quick & easy to use.

Our price: $51.90
Pinblock Drills
SKU: 203

Fast spiral, wide flute bits aid in chip ejection. High speed steel, 118°.

Our price: $35.20